Emergency Eye Care

All call-in eye emergencies are triaged by our trained staff and directly relayed to the OD. The triage is reviewed and a decision for follow up is made the same day.

Our Optometrists are trained and well equipped to handle most eye emergencies, including:

  • Foreign bodies
  • Itchy, red, and scratchy eyes related to allergies or infections
  • Minor eye trauma
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Flashes or Floaters of a persistent nature
  • Lumps and bumps involving the eye and eye lid
  • Red or painful eyes
  • Dislodged contact lenses
  • Broken or lost glasses

If you experiencing any of these any of ocular emergencies or have any questions regarding an eye emergency, please contact us.

It is very important that you recognize eye symptoms and act on them quickly. Early detection and early treatment saves vision.