Lens Treatment

A lens treatment is a special additive that either bonds with the lens, or is built into the eyeglass lenses themselves during the lens manufacturing process.

Below are some of the treatments we offer on our glasses


A premium lens coating that filters out blue light given off by electronic screens by both absorbing and reflecting blue light. Especially recommended for patients who spend a lot of time in front of computers or cellphones and who may suffer from Digital Eye Strain. This lens coating also includes the best scratch resistant coating available for plastic, as well as an anti-glare coating, smudge-resistance, water-resistance, and dust-resistance.

Super HiVision

Our most popular anti-glare coating with hydrophobic coating for water-repelling. Also includes scratch-resistance, smudge-resistance, and improved night time driving.

Super HiVision EX3

A super premium lens coating with the best anti-glare technologies available on the market. This lens coating has a supreme scratch-resistant technology that out-performs glass! It also includes improved night time vision with the anti-glare properties, smudge-resistance, water-resistance, and dust-resistance.

Clarity Shield

A basic scratch-resistant coating for your lenses to help protect against minor wear.   


These types of lenses are light-reactive lenses. This is especially for you if you’re light-sensitive or worried about UV protection. A photochromic lens will automatically change from clear to coloured when outside, exposed to UV light, and protect your eyes from UV rays. This lens is available in both Sensity and Transitions® from Hoya.

Add some flare to your photochromic lenses by getting the Sensity Shine option. This photochromic lens not only changes colour outside and gives you full UV protection, it also includes a mirrored coating that is more intense outside in the sun, and more subtle when indoors and clear.

Photochromic Lens treatments

If you’re looking for something different, you can also add a bit of colour to your transitions aside from the classic brown, green, and grey.

Available in sapphire and amethyst, Transitions® will give your glasses that little bit of extra style!

Transitions Lenses Amethyst & Sapphire

The newest photochromic option is a photochromic Dark – this photochromic lens will darken when exposed to extra light, not just UV light. This is great for people who want their lenses to go as dark as possible when outside, as well as darken a small amount when inside their vehicle, where normal photochromic lenses would not turn colour due to the UV being blocked by the windshield. This lens is available in both Sensity and Transitions® from Hoya.



Sensity Dark

Sensity Dark